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Posted by Conservators Mar 8, 2011

Author: Julie
Date: 28/2/2011
Temperature: 21.5
Wind Speed: 14
Temp with wind chill: -50
Sunrise: 05:30
Sunset 23:01



On February 24th the ice in front of Scott base began creaking and heaving up and down as if it were breathing.  By evening, pieces of the ice shelf were steadily breaking off and drifting out towards open water in the distance.  As the sun hit the horizon at 11 pm, a network of cracks in front of Scott Base were appearing and disappearing as bright white lines which opened and shut as the ice bobbed up and down.  By midnight, pressure ridges that have been standing in front of Scott Base for over a decade had floated out to sea.  A beautiful pink fog sat on top of the sea: fog requires water, and we are not used to seeing fog.


Evening February 24 2011_2 (2) resized.jpg

The evening of 24th February. Photo: Steve Williams

Sometime between about 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning of the 25th , the ice broke away from the shore in front of Scott Base for the first time in 14 years.  Most of us don’t expect to ever see open water in front of Scott Base again.
That morning, mini-icebergs floated in front of Scott Base in brilliant indigo blue water.   We could see yellow starfish on the ocean floor.

February 25 open water.jpg

The morning of February 25th. Photo: Steve Williams


Christchurch earthquake

Posted by Conservators Mar 8, 2011

Authors: Julie and Sarah
Date: 25/2/2011
Temperature: -10
Wind Speed: 30
Temp with wind chill: -42
Sunrise: 03:48
Sunset 00:28

An earthquake hit Christchuch on February 21 that was strong enough to register on the instruments at Scott Base.  It has become apparent that the earthquake is one of the worst disasters that New Zealand has ever experienced.  Everyone at Scott Base has some connection to Christchurch, and some have had difficult news.  Like the rest of the world, we are horrified by the destruction, and deeply saddened by the deaths.  At times like this the reality of being isolated and far away is brought home to us.

Half mast.jpg

Scott Base flag Credit AHT Julie