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Author: Martin

20 November  2011
Temperature: -1.5 degree C
Wind Speed: 0 knots
Temp with wind chill: -1.5 degree C
Sunrise: n/a
Sunset n/a



130 boxes and a year later, I am back at Cape Royds returning to the north wall all of the food storage boxes I excavated last summer and then conserved over winter at Scott Base.


MW Image 1_Back again.jpg

Back again © AHT


Beautiful weather and little wind makes it even more enjoyable and satisfying to look at them again, back in their own environment. Ernest Shackleton's men used these boxes to build pony stables and even a garage for the first motor car in Antarctica. Never intended to last for a hundred years, they were in desperate need of treatment and I am confident they will now last for many more years to tell such an important part of the history of the early explorers.

Up to 2000 stores boxes were loaded on the expedition ship Nimrod and it is always fascinating to see the countless creative ways they have been used in and around the hut.  Apart from being building blocks, they have supported bed frames, served as shelves and wall cladding and even provided the cover for the first ever book printed in Antarctica, The Aurora Australis.


All I am left wondering now is what my colleagues in another hundred years might do with them.


Martin working on a box 1 resized.jpg
  Martin working on boxes © AHT