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Posted by Cricket and Diana on Feb 3, 2011 11:35:36 PM

Posted by Diana


Skua, are a large water bird which remind me of a cross between a sea gull and a duck. There is a building at McMurdo called Skua it is a wonderful place where people can leave clothing or other useful items they no longer require, you can acquire everything from t-shirts to radios to massage oils . If you find something or reuse an item which otherwise may have made its way to waste in Antarctica, we call it “Skuaed” or you were “Skuaing”.

I have developed a love hate relationship with the Skua.  I admire their hardy resourcefulness and their beauty when in flight, however they are a hazard.


Attack Skua © AHT by J. Ward


Here at Cape Evans around Skua Lake we have a lot of nesting Skua. Their “nest” is actually just a flat piece of ground, not sticks or feathers to protect their rock like eggs. When we go for a walks we get dive bombed by Skuas who think we are getting to close to their nest. I almost stepped on an egg one day because I was so busy ducking and running from a pair of Skuas. I have found the best way to deal with them is to put my hood up and just walk – I did get winged by one the other day but with a hat and hood on they can’t hurt you much.


Mother Skua and baby nested in seal carcass © AHT C. Harbeck

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