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me and spiny solanum.jpg

Me climbing up the new spiny Solanum tree. There are curved prickles on all the thick branches and getting down again was pretty painful.


Much better than yesterday. We found a plant of the new species which I discovered in Kenya in May 2009. It grew in exactly the same type of ecosystem as the Kenyan plants, around 2000 m elevation in the wet mountain, and was surrounded by similar vegetation. But today’s plant was at least 6m tall, with several thick trunks – significantly bigger than anything I saw in Kenya. I will have to edit my description of this species to say that it can become a tree!



View of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area



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I'm Maria Vorontsova from the Botany Department. Join me as I head to Tanzania and Kenya to hunt for wild spiny aubergines. I'm looking forward to an interesting journey, some interesting company and some interesting finds.

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