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Margaritaria discoides on the hill behind Morogoro University


Today we drove from Dar es Salaam to a town called Morogoro, in the Uluguru Mountains. We arranged for official permission to collect in the Uluguru Nature Reserve and in the Ruvu forest for the next three days, and we had a little bit of time left before sunset to go plant hunting. Herbarium specimen records show that Solanum goetzei grows behind the Morogoro University. We drove there and walked around the forest but could not find Solanum goetzei or any other Solanum species. I have only seen this species pressed flat on a herbarium specimen, and it is difficult to imagine how it would look when it is growing wild.


The area was quite dry, maybe too dry for this species, but we do not know enough to be sure. A bit disappointed, really. But we saw really nice trees of Margaritaria discoides.



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