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The rainy season has finally started properly and it is very wet in the savanna. All my things are in large plastic bags. It is too wet to press specimens outside and we leave everything in car until we get to the dry hotel. The local Masai people have given us information on Solanum setaceum, and helped us find Solanum arundo. It would be really good to find Solanum dennekense without driving much further west, but none of the local people know a plant marching its description.


There is a giant flying cockroach in my hotel room, about 4 cm long!


Masai with Eric and me.jpg


The Masai with Eric and me, near a small clump of Solanum setaceum, in the savanna near the Kenyan border. They tell us it is called “endemelwa” in the Masai language.



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I'm Maria Vorontsova from the Botany Department. Join me as I head to Tanzania and Kenya to hunt for wild spiny aubergines. I'm looking forward to an interesting journey, some interesting company and some interesting finds.

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