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ELLIS, L.T. 2011. Type specimens of taxa described by C. F. Schwägrichen in the moss genera Calymperes and Syrrhopodon (Musci: Calymperaceae). Candollea, 66(2): 317-329.      

ELLIS, L.T., Darzikolaei, S.A., Shirzadian, S., Bakalin, V.A., Bednarek-Ochyra, H., Ochyra, R., Claro, D., Dulin, M.V., Eckel, P.M., Erzberger, P., Eziz, R., Sulayman, M., Garcia, C., Sergio, C., Stow, S., Hedderson, T., Hedenas, L., Kurschner, H., Li, W., Nebel, M., Nieuwkoop, J., Philippov, D.A., Plasek, V., Sawicki, J., Schafer-Verwimp, A., Stefanut, S. & Vana, J. 2011. New national and regional bryophyte records, 29. Journal of Bryology, 33: 316-323.  

Jüttner, I. & COX, E.J. 2011. Achnanthidium pseudoconspicuum comb. nov.: morphology and ecology of the species and a comparison with related taxa. Diatom Research, 26(1-2): 21-28.  

KENRICK, P., Wellman, C.H., SCHNEIDER, H. & EDGECOMBE, G.D. 2012. A timeline for terrestrialization: consequences for the carbon cycle in the Palaeozoic. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences, 367(1588): 519-536.  

KNAPP, S., McNeill, J.  & Turland,  N.J. 2011. Changes to publication requirements made at the XVIII International Botanical Congress in Melbourne - what does e-publication mean for you? Brittonia, 63(4): 505-509.  

KNAPP, S., McNeill, J.  & Turland,  N.J. 2011. Changes to Publication Requirements Made at the XVIII International Botanical Congress in Melbourne-What Does e-Publication Mean for You? Novon, 21(4): 440-443.  

KNAPP, S., McNeill, J.  & Turland,  N.J. 2011. Fungal nomenclature. Changes to publication requirements made at the XVIII International Botanical Congress in Melbourne - what does e-publication mean for you? Mycotaxon, 117: 509-515.  

MARTIN-CERECEDA, M. & COX, E.J. 2011. Morphological variation in a small Thalassiosira species (Bacillariophyta) under different culture regimes. Botanica Marina, 54(6): 563-574.  

Metcalf, J.S., Beattie, K.A., Purdie, E.L., BRYANT, J.A., IRVINE, L.M. & Codd, G.A. 2011. Analysis of microcystins and microcystin genes in 60-170-year-old dried herbarium specimens of cyanobacteria. Harmful Algae: (Article in Press).   

Price, M.J. & ELLIS, L.T. 2011. A lectotype for Breutelia chrysocoma (Hedw.) Lindb., (Bryophyta; Bartramiaceae). Journal of Bryology, 33: 308-315.  

Santos-Guerra, A., JARVIS, C.E., CARINE, M.A., Maunder, M. & Francisco-Ortega, J. 2011. Late 17th century herbarium collections from the Canary Islands: The plants collected by James Cuninghame in La Palma. Taxon, 60(6): 1734-1753.  

SÄRKINEN, T., Iganci, J.R.V., Linares-Palomino, R., Simon, M.F. & Prado, D.E. 2011. Forgotten forests - issues and prospects in biome mapping using Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests as a case study. BMC Ecology, 11(27): doi:10.1186/1472-6785-11-27.  

Varin, T., Lovejoy, C., JUNGBLUT, A.D., Vincent, W.F. & Corbeil, J. 2012. Metagenomic Analysis of Stress Genes in Microbial Mat Communities from Antarctica and the High Arctic. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 78(2): 549-559.  

Veillette, J., Lovejoy, C., Potvin, M., Harding, T., JUNGBLUT, A.D., Antoniades, D., Chénard, C., Suttle, C.A. & Vincent, W.F. 2011. Milne fiord epishelf lake: A coastal arctic ecosystem vulnerable to climate change. Ecoscience, 18(3): 304-316.    

WILLIAMS, D.M. 2011. Additions to and comments on the bibliography of Robert Ross. Diatom Research, 26(3-4): 317-318.  

WILLIAMS, D.M. 2011. Synedra, Ulnaria: definitions and descriptions - a partial resolution. Diatom Research, 26(1-2): 149-153.  

WILLIAMS, D.M. & Ebach, M.C. 2012. Confusing homologs as homologies: A reply to "On homology". Cladistics: (Article in Press).  




Carolan, J.C., Murray, T.E., Fitzpatrick, U., Crossley, J., Schmidt, H., Cederberg, B., McNally, L., Paxton, R.J., WILLIAMS, P.H. & Brown, M.J.F. 2012. Colour patterns do not diagnose species: Quantitative evaluation of a DNA barcoded cryptic bumblebee complex. PLoS ONE, 7(1).      

COOK, S., Moureau, G., Kitchen, A., Gould, E.A., De Lamballerie, X., Holmes, E.C. & HARBACH, R. 2012. Molecular evolution of the insect-specific flaviviruses. Journal of General Virology, 93(2): 223-234.     

Dai, W., Viraktamath,  C.A., WEBB, M.D. & Zhang, Y. 2012. Revision of the oriental leafhopper genus parallygus Melichar (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae) with description of new species. Zootaxa(3157): 41-53.    

Fayle, T.M., Edwards, D.P., Turner, E.C., Dumbrell, A.J., EGGLETON, P. & Foster, W.A. 2012. Public goods, public services and by-product mutualism in an ant-fern symbiosis. Oikos: (Article in Press).      

Finn, D.S., Bonada, N., MURRIA, C. & Hughes, J.M. 2011. Small but mighty: headwaters are vital to stream network biodiversity at two levels of organization. Journal of the North American Benthological Society, 30(4): 963-980.  

Franco, A.O., Davies, C.R., Mylne, A., Dedet, J.P., Gallego, M., Ballart, C., Gramiccia, M., Gradoni, L., Molina, R., Galvez, R., Morillas-Marquez, F., Baron-Lopez, S., Pires, C.A., Afonso, M.O., READY, P.D. & Cox, J. 2011. Predicting the distribution of canine leishmaniasis in western Europe based on environmental variables. Parasitology, 138(14): 1878-1891.  

Frutos, P., Hoste, H., Sotiraki, S., HALL, M. & Jackson, F. 2011. Specificities of parasitism in goats and sheep: Interactions with nutrition and control strategies. Small Ruminant Research: (Article in Press).      

GE, D., Gómez-Zurita, J., CHESTERS, D., Yang, X. & VOGLER, A.P. 2012. Suprageneric systematics of flea beetles (Chrysomelidae: Alticinae) inferred from multilocus sequence data. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 62(3): 793-805. (Article in Press)    

KUHLMANN, M., Guo, D., Veldtman, R. & Donaldson, J. 2012. Consequences of warming up a hotspot:species range shifts within a centre of bee diversity. Diversity and Distributions, ??: 1-13 (Article in Press).      

Millet, L., Rius, D., Galop, D., Heiri, O. & BROOKS, S.J. 2012. Chironomid-based reconstruction of Lateglacial summer temperatures from the Ech palaeolake record (French western Pyrenees). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 315-316: 86-99.      

POLASZEK, A., Rugman-Jones, P.F., Stouthamer, R., Hernandez-Suarez, E., Cabello, T. & Perez, M.D. 2012. Molecular and morphological diagnoses of five species of Trichogramma: biological control agents of Chrysodeixis chalcites (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and Tuta absoluta (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) in the Canary Islands. Biocontrol, 57(1): 21-35.  

QUICKE, D.L.J. & Butcher, B.A. 2011. Corrigendum to revision of the genus ischnobracon Baltazar (hymenoptera: Braconidae: Braconinae) by Areekul Butcher and Quicke (2010). Journal of Natural History, 45(39-40): 2525-2526.      

Rodriguez-Roche, R., Villegas, E., COOK, S., Poh Kim, P.A.W., Hinojosa, Y., Rosario, D., Villalobos, I., Bendezu, H., Hibberd, M.L. & Guzman, M.G. 2012. Population structure of the dengue viruses, Aragua, Venezuela, 2006-2007. Insights into dengue evolution under hyperendemic transmission. Infection, Genetics and Evolution: (Article in Press).      

ROSSER, N. & EGGLETON, P. 2012. Can higher taxa be used as a surrogate for species-level data in biodiversity surveys of litter/soil insects? Journal of Insect Conservation, 16(1): 87-92.  

Sotiraki, S. & HALL, M.J.R. 2011. A review of comparative aspects of myiasis in goats and sheep in Europe. Small Ruminant Research: (Article in Press).      

Stewart, J.R., Aspinall, S., Beech, M., FENBERG, P., Hellyer, P., Larkin, N., Lokier, S.W., Marx, F.G., Meyer, M., Miller, R., RAINBOW, P.S., TAYLOR, J.D., WHITTAKER, J.E., Al-Mehsin, K. & Strohmenger, C.J. 2011. Biotically constrained palaeoenvironmental conditions of a mid-Holocene intertidal lagoon on the southern shore of the Arabian Gulf: evidence associated with a whale skeleton at Musaffah, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Quaternary Science Reviews, 30(25-26): 3675-3690.  

Toth, M., Magyari, E.K., BROOKS, S.J., Braun, M., Buczko, K., Balint, M. & Heiri, O. 2012. A chironomid-based reconstruction of late glacial summer temperatures in the southern Carpathians (Romania). Quaternary Research, 77(1): 122-131.  

Van Asch, N., Lutz, A.F., Duijkers, M.C.H., Heiri, O., BROOKS, S.J. & Hoek, W.Z. 2012. Rapid climate change during the Weichselian Lateglacial in Ireland: Chironomid-inferred summer temperatures from Fiddaun, Co. Galway. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 315-316: 1-11.      

Williams, J.J., Gosling, W.D., BROOKS, S.J., Coe, A.L. & Xu, S. 2011. Vegetation, climate and fire in the eastern Andes (Bolivia) during the last 18,000 years. Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology, 312(1-2): 115-126.  

Yusah, K.M., FAYLE, T.M., Harris, G. & Foster, W.A. 2012. Optimizing Diversity Assessment Protocols for High Canopy Ants in Tropical Rain Forest. Biotropica, 44(1): 73-81.  

Zahiri, R., HOLLOWAY, J., KITCHING, I.J., Lafontaine, J.D., Mutanen, M. & Wahlberg, N. 2012. Molecular phylogenetics of Erebidae (Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea). Systematic Entomology, 37(1): 102-124.      




Anders, C., Bringa, E.M., Ziegenhain, G., GRAHAM, G.A., Hansen, J.F., Park, N., Teslich, N.E. & Urbassek, H.M. 2012. Why Nanoprojectiles Work Differently than Macroimpactors: The Role of Plastic Flow. Physical Review Letters, 108(2).  

Cong, Y., Banta, G.T., Selck, H., BERHANU, D., VALSAMI-JONES, E. & Forbes, V.E. 2011. Toxic effects and bioaccumulation of nano-, micron- and ionic-Ag in the polychaete, Nereis diversicolor. Aquatic Toxicology, 105(3-4): 403-411.  

Cuif, J.P., Dauphin, Y., HOWARD, L., Nouet, J., Rouziere, S. & Salome, M. 2011. Is the pearl layer a reversed shell? A re-examination of the theory of pearl formation through physical characterizations of pearl and shell developmental stages in Pinctada margaritifera. Aquatic Living Resources, 24(4): 411-424.  

Emmerton, S., Muxworthy, A.R., HEZEL, D.C. & BLAND, P.A. 2011. Magnetic characteristics of CV chondrules with paleointensity implications. Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets, 116(12).  

Griffin, L.D., ELANGOVAN, P., Mundell, A. & HEZEL, D.C. 2012. Improved segmentation of meteorite micro-CT images using local histograms. Computers and Geosciences, 39: 129-134.      

Hopkinson, L., Kristova, P., Rutt, K. & CRESSEY, G. 2012. Phase transitions in the system MgO-CO(2)-H(2)O during CO(2) degassing of Mg-bearing solutions. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 76: 1-13.  

Kampf, A.R., Mlls, S.J., Housley, R.M., RUMSEY, M.S. & SPRATT, J. 2012. Lead-tellurium oxysalts from Otto Mountain near Baker, California: VII. Chromschieffelinite, Pb(10)Te(6)O(20)(OH)(14)(CrO(4))(1120)5, the chromate analog of schieffelinite. American Mineralogist, 97(1): 212-219.  

Konopelko, D.L., Biske, Y.S., Kullerud, K., SELTMANN, R. & Divaev, F.K. 2011. The Koshrabad granite massif in Uzbekistan: petrogenesis, metallogeny, and geodynamic setting. Russian Geology and Geophysics, 52(12): 1563-1573.  

Kuznetsova, L.G., Zolotarev, A.A., Frank-Kamenetskaya, O.V., Rozhdestvenskaya, I.V., Bronzova, Y.M., SPRATTE, J. & Ertl, A. 2011. Chemical composition and species attribution of tourmalines from a rare-metal pegmatite vein with scapolite, Sangilen Upland, Tuva. Geology of Ore Deposits, 53(8): 806-817. 

Lambeck, K., Purcell, A., Flemming, N.C., VITA-FINZI, C., Alsharekh, A.M. & Bailey, G.N. 2011. Sea level and shoreline reconstructions for the Red Sea: isostatic and tectonic considerations and implications for hominin migration out of Africa. Quaternary Science Reviews, 30(25-26): 3542-3574.  

Lappe, S., Church, N.S., Kasama, T., Fanta, A.B.D., Bromiley, G., Dunin-Borkowski, R.E., Feinberg, J.M., RUSSELL, S. & Harrison, R.J. 2011. Mineral magnetism of dusty olivine: A credible recorder of pre-accretionary remanence. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, 12.  

MISRA, S.K., DYBOESKA, A., BERHANU, D., Croteau, M.N., Luoma, S.N., Boccaccini, A.R. & VALSAMI-JONES, E. 2012. Isotopically modified nanoparticles for enhanced detection in bioaccumulation studies. Environmental Science and Technology, 46(2): 1216-1222.      

Nouet, J., Baronnet, A. & HOWARD, L. 2012. Crystallization in organo-mineral micro-domains in the crossed-lamellar layer of Nerita undata (Gastropoda, Neritopsina). Micron, 43(2-3): 456-462.      

Patzer, A., HEZEL, D.C., Bendel, V. & Pack, A. 2012. Chondritic ingredients: I. Usual suspects and some oddballs in the Leoville CV3 meteorite. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 47(1): 142-157.  

Ruenraroengsak, P., Novak, P., BERHANU, D., Thorley, A.J., Valsami-Jones, E., Gorelik, J., Korchev, Y.E. & Tetley, T.D. 2012. Respiratory epithelial cytotoxicity and membrane damage (holes) caused by amine-modified nanoparticles. Nanotoxicology, 6(1): 94-108.  

Safonova, I.Y., Simonov, V.A., Kurganskaya, E.V., Obut, O.T., Romer, R.L. & SELTMANN, R. 2012. Late Paleozoic oceanic basalts hosted by the Char suture-shear zone, East Kazakhstan: Geological position, geochemistry, petrogenesis and tectonic setting. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences: (Article in Press).      

SKARTSILA, K. & Spanos, N. 2012. Adsorption monitoring of phospho-l-serine on hydroxyapatite. Colloid and Polymer Science: 1-9 (Article in Press).      

Spurný, P., BLAND, P.A., Shrbený, L., Borovička, J., Ceplecha, Z., Singelton, A., Bevan, A.W.R., Vaughan, D., Towner, M.C., McClafferty, T.P., Toumi, R. & DEACON, G. 2012. The Bunburra Rockhole Meteorite fall in SW Australia: Fireball trajectory, luminosity, dynamics, orbit, and impact position from photographic and photoelectric records. Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 47(2): 163-185. (Article in Press)     

Veksler, I.V., Dorfman, A.M., Dulski, P., Kamenetsky, V.S., Danyushevsky, L.V., JEFFRIES, T. & Dingwell, D.B. 2012. Partitioning of elements between silicate melt and immiscible fluoride, chloride, carbonate, phosphate and sulfate melts, with implications to the origin of natrocarbonatite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 79: 20-40.  

VITA-FINZI, C. 2012. Misattributed tsunami 2: The Tōhoku Japan (M w 9.0) 2011.3.11 earthquake. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 123(1): 19-21.      

Weider, S.Z., Kellett, B.J., Swinyard, B.M., Crawford, I.A., Joy, K.H., Grande, M., Howe, C.J., Huovelin, J., Narendranath, S., Alha, L., ANAND, M., Athiray, P.S., Bhandari, N., Carter, J.A., Cook, A.C., Duston, L.C., Fernandes, V.A., Gasnault, O., Goswami, J.N., Gow, J.P.D., Holland, A.D., Koschny, D., Lawrence, D.J., Maddison, B.J., Maurice, S., McKay, D.J., Okada, T., Pieters, C., Rothery, D.A., RUSSELL, S.S., Shrivastava, A., Smith, D.R. & Wieczorek, M. 2012. The Chandrayaan-1 X-ray Spectrometer: First results. Planetary and Space Science, 60(1): 217-228.      

ZAITSEV, A.N., Chakhmouradian, A.R., Siidra, O.I., SPRATT, J., WILLIAMS, C.T., STANLEY, C.J., Petrov, S.V., Britvin, S.N. & Polyakova, E.A. 2011. Fluorine-, yttrium- and lanthanide-rich cerianite-(Ce) from carbonatitic rocks of the Kerimasi volcano and surrounding explosion craters, Gregory Rift, northern Tanzania. Mineralogical Magazine, 75(6): 2813-2822.  




Bastir, M., Rosas, A., Gunz, P., Pena-Melian, A., Manzi, G., Harvati, K., KRUSZYNSKI, R., STRINGER, C. & Hublin, J.J. 2011. Evolution of the base of the brain in highly encephalized human species. Nature Communications, 2(1).  

Bates, K.T., MAIDMENT, S.C.R., Allen, V. & BARRETT, P.M. 2012. Computational modelling of locomotor muscle moment arms in the basal dinosaur Lesothosaurus diagnosticus: Assessing convergence between birds and basal ornithischians. Journal of Anatomy, 220(3): 212-232. (Article in Press)     

BENNETT, S.P., BARRETT, P.M., COLLINSON, M.E., MOORE-FAY, S., Davis, P.G. & PALMER, C.P. 2012. A new specimen of Ichthyosaurus communis from Dorset, UK, and its bearing on the stratigraphical range of the species. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 123(1): 146-154.      

Briant, R.M., Kilfeather, A.A., PARFITT, S., Penkman, K.E.H., Preece, R.C., Roe, H.M., Schwenninger, J.L., Wenban-Smith, F.F. & WHITTAKER, J.E. 2012. Integrated chronological control on an archaeologically significant Pleistocene river terrace sequence: The Thames-Medway, eastern Essex, England. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 123(1): 87-108.      

Cooper, M.R. & OWEN, H.G. 2011. Evolutionary relationships among Schloenbachiidae (Cretaceous Ammonoidea: Hoplitoidea), with a revised classification of the family. Neues Jahrbuch Fur Geologie Und Palaontologie-Abhandlungen, 262(3): 289-307.  

DI MARTINO, E. & TAYLOR, P.D. 2012. Morphology and palaeobiogeography of Retelepralia, a distinctive cheilostome bryozoan new to the fossil record. Neues Jahrbuch Fur Geologie Und Palaontologie-Abhandlungen, 263(1): 67-74.  

Donovan, S.K., Jagt, J.W.M. & LEWIS, D.N. 2011. Notes on some trace fossils and other parataxa from the Maastrichtian type area, southeast Netherlands and northeast Belgium. Netherlands Journal of Geosciences-Geologie En Mijnbouw, 90(2-3): 99-109.  

Evans, D.C., BARRETT, P.M. & Seymour, K.L. 2012. Revised identification of a reported Iguanodon-grade ornithopod tooth from the Scollard Formation, Alberta, Canada. Cretaceous Research, 33(1): 11-14.  

Farke, A.A., Ryan, M.J., BARRETT, P.M., Tanke, D.H., Braman, D.R., Loewen, M.A. & GRAHAM, M.R. 2011. A new centrosaurine from the Late Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada, and the evolution of parietal ornamentation in horned dinosaurs. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 56(4): 691-702.  

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El-Rashidy, H.H. & BOXSHALL, G.A. 2012. A new copepod (Siphonostomatoida: Lernanthropidae) parasitic on a Red Sea immigrant dragonet (Actinopterygii: Callionymidae), with a review of records of parasitic copepods from dragonets. Systematic Parasitology, 81(2): 87-96.  

Foata, J., Quilichini, Y., Justine, J.L., BRAY, R.A. & Marchand, B. 2012. Ultrastructural study of spermiogenesis and the spermatozoon of Cavisoma magnum (Southwell, 1927) (Acanthocephala, Palaeacanthocephala, Cavisomidae), from Siganus lineatus (Pisces, Teleostei, Siganidae) (Valenciennes, 1835) in New Caledonia. Micron, 43(2-3): 141-149.      

Horne, E.C., BRAY, R.A. & Bousfield, B. 2011. The presence of the trematodes Cardiocephaloides physalis and Renicola sloanei in the African Penguin Spheniscus demersus on the east coast of South Africa. Ostrich, 82(2): 157-160.  

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Recent NHM Research Publications

Posted by C Lowry Jan 24, 2012

Publications for last 4 weeks (Search done on 12th January.)


(Search on the basis of ‘Nat SAME Hist SAME Mus* SAME Lon*
Web of Science)



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