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Science News

November 19, 2013


Presentation of PhD results: impact on visitors of meeting scientists in Nature Live


Amy Seakins

Collaborative PhD between the Natural History Museum and King’s College London

Thursday 5 December
DC Seminar Room (underneath the Attenborough Studio) 10.00-11.00


This thesis explores the impacts of meeting research scientists on visitors to the Natural History Museum, London, from the visitors’ perspective. Firstly, the study aims to investigate whether meeting a scientist changes visitors’ identification of scientists, their perceptions of ‘who scientists are’ and what scientists are like, perhaps challenging previously encountered stereotypes of scientists. Secondly, the study looks at visitors’ identification with scientists, whether visitors become more interested in the life and work of the scientist, seeing science as personally relevant, and whether visitors make connections to the scientist. Through researching the impacts of interactions between visitors and scientists, this thesis adds to the literature aiming to increase science literacy and engagement, contributing to knowledge of how individuals can become more active, confident and interested in science as a part of their everyday lives.


Amy is about to submit her thesis so come and discuss her findings with her. They are of value to those who plan public engagement activities as well as those from Science who take part in education programmes and interact with visitors.



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