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Sir Arthur Smith Woodward and the NHM Fossil Fish Collection


Mike Smith,

Volunteer, Fossil Fish Collection, Earth Sciences Department, . 

Tuesday 15th October- 4.00 pm

Earth Sciences Seminar Room (Basement, WEB 05, the previous Mineralogy Seminar Room)

Arthur Smith Woodward joined the British Museum (Natural History) on August 23rd 1882 at the age of 18 years and was knighted upon his retirement as Keeper of Geology 42 years later. He built his career as a palaeontologist on the meticulous study of fossil fishes naming over 300 new species. Between 1889 and 1901 he wrote the 4 part Catalogue of Fossil Fishes in the British Museum (Natural History), a publication that remains an important research aid to this day. He also wrote a book, Outlines of Vertebrate Palaeontology for Students of Zoology and two major monographs on English fossil fish. The fact that the fossil fish collection here at the Museum is the most important such collection in the world owes much to his work at the Museum. In this talk Mike Smith will briefly discuss the man himself, the fossil fish collection and how we will celebrate his life with the Woodward150 symposium to be held on May 21st next year.


Wine and cheese will be served after the seminar.


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