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Science News

April 18, 2013

Collection Management Seminar

Posted by C Lowry Apr 18, 2013

Rethinking volunteering: V Factor & the Throughflow Project


Thursday 25th April 2013, 2.30pm-4.00pm


Flett Lecture Theatre, NHM, South Kensington



Ali Thomas, Volunteers Project Manager, NHM,
Lyndsey Douglas, Indo-Pacific Corals Project Officer, NHM
Nadia Santodomingo Aguilar, Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher, NHM.


What’s it about?
Volunteers play a key role in the smooth and successful running of so many Museum programmes and help us to achieve our full potential and work to maximum capacity. In recent years much attention and energy has gone into professionalising how we manage volunteers and great strides have been made.

Last year in 2012 the Museum launched a new part to our volunteer offer called V Factor; a volunteer inclusion initiative with collections and volunteer engagement at the very heart of it.

Ali, Lyndsey & Nadia and a team of volunteers will talk about how the V Factor experience of the Throughflow project has taken key Museum strategies to unite Science, Visitor Experience, Learning and volunteer best practice to create a different kind of volunteer opportunity, aiming to "take the public from one side of the display case to the other.”

Who should come?
The seminar is open to all members of the museum who are interested in getting involved or learning more about the ‘Throughflow’ project, volunteer management and volunteers in collections care/research. We also welcome colleagues from other institutions who would find the seminar of interest. There is no booking fee and only large parties need to notify the organiser for catering purposes.


Science Group: All senior departmental managers , collection management staff and all volunteer managers.
Public Engagement Group:  Any staff who work with and use collections or manage staff who work with collections.



Tea and coffee will be available in the lobby area after the talk.



For additional details on attending this or other seminars see


Recent Publications - April

Posted by C Lowry Apr 18, 2013

Publications for the previous 4 weeks (Search done 11th April)

Search on the basis of ‘Nat SAME Hist SAME Mus* SAME Lon*’ using Web of Science + TRING




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