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Department of Life Sciences Seminar



Cetacean Strandings and the NHM: 100 years of recording, collecting and research


Brian Smith, Richard Sabin, Molly Clery

Department of Life Sciences, NHM


Wednesday 13 of February 11:00
Sir Neil Chalmers seminar room, Darwin Centre LG16 (below Attenborough studio)

In 1913 the museum initiated the systematic recording of all cetaceans that die along the shores of the British Isles. On this day one hundred years ago the first stranded animal was recorded by the museum.  The National Whale Stranding Recording Scheme has been collecting data ever since. Through the scheme the NHM has had access to the cetaceans that come ashore for research and its collections.

The talk will be split into 3 sections, the history of the scheme, benefit to the collections and the current scheme.




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