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Science News

November 15, 2012

Life Sciences Seminar

Posted by C Lowry Nov 15, 2012

Cold water and hot air: the evolution of lunglessness in amphibians

Mark Wilkinson
Vertebrates, Dept of Life Sciences, NHM

Wednesday 21st November,11:00

Sir Neil Chalmers seminar room, Darwin Centre LG16 (below Attenborough studio)


Lunglessness is rare in Amphibians but has evolved independently at least once in each of the three main groups (frogs, salamanders, caecilians).  A 'classical' hypothesis for the evolution of lunglessness in salamanders explains it as an adaptation to reduce disadvantageous buoyancy in fast flowing waters. This hypothesis was first seriously challenged in the 1990's prior to the discoveries of lungless frogs and caecilians. I will review the arguments in the controversy, discuss the implications of the more recent discoveries and reveal some startling new findings regarding the true nature of the most recently described lungless caecilian.



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Collection Management Seminar

Posted by C Lowry Nov 15, 2012


What on earth is a Permanent Loan? Loans In review and the challenge of dealing with old loans.



Friday 23rd November 2012, 2.30pm-4.00pm




Flett Lecture Theatre, NHM, South Kensington



Who? Speaker: 

Lee Murrell, Imperial War Museums, London



What’s it about?

IWM London is now well into its Loans Review Project. The output has already improved how loans are administered and led to the creation of my role. I’ll talk about the aims and methods of the review, some of the problems that came to light and look at some of the ways that it is integrated with other museum projects.



Who should come?

The seminar is open to all members of the museum who are interested in getting involved or learning more about a Review of Loans In. It is suggested that the following staff will find the seminar most useful.


Science Group: All senior departmental managers & collection management staff.


Public Engagement Group:  Any staff who work with and use collections or manage staff who work with collections.



We also welcome colleagues from other institutions who would find the seminar of interest. There is no booking fee and only large parties need to notify the organiser for catering purposes.



Tea and coffee will be available in the seminar room lobby area after the talk.


Suggestions for seminar speakers are always most welcome. Please contact the organiser Clare Valentine ( )




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