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December 14, 2011

Palaeontology Seminar


Atapuerca under the microscope: Some applications of lithic microwear, zooarchaeology, taphomony, and conservation 

Andreu Ollé, Isabel Cáceres, Palmira Saladié, Lucía López-Polín and Antonio Rodríguez


Thursday 15th December
Neil Chalmers Seminar Room, DC2 - LG16


Pal sem 1.bmp


Past human behaviour can be reconstructed from the analysis of surface damage, marks and polishes on stone tools and archaeological faunal remains. Their successful interpretation relies on two key factors: the application of appropriate microscopic techniques, and the development of consistent experiments and actualistic observations.

Here we present some methodological advances and case studies using material from Atapuerca (Spain), ranging from the Lower Palaeolithic to the Bronze Age. The importance of conservation and preparation techniques will also be discussed.




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