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On Friday 28th September the Museum is holding a Science Uncovered Event where 350 of our scientists and visiting experts will gather in the Museum galleries and outdoors in a fabulous show of displays. It's a unique opportunity to come come and find out about the latest scientific research going on here at the Museum. We'll be there with a portable scanning electron microscope investigating our microfossil zoo!




Micropalaeontologists Tom Hill, Steve Stukins and I will be part of the Imaging and Analysis table that will be situated under the globe in the Earth Galleries. We'll be looking at our newly established microfossil zoo under a portable scanning electron microscope from 16.00 until 22.00. Come and find out about the zoo and why its inhabitants are important.


Here are some taster images from the zoo that were taken by Tom and Steve last week. Science Uncovered 2012 is shaping up to be just as exciting as Science Uncovered 2011. Hope to see you there.



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Giles Miller

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