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Well I am sitting here in the Departures Lounge at Perth airport waiting to board my flight to Singapore on the first leg of my long journer back to London and the Museum.  This is going be a shorter than normal post as yet again I seem to be suffering from technical issues and there is a long delay on what I am typing actually appearing on the screen.........hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm and we'll be boarding an about 5 mins.


Anyway, we have had the most FANTASTIC time on our search and also working at the WAM with Alex and Geoff.  Erika and I will be continuing to update the blog with the rest of our adventures in Oz once we are back in London.  We will certainly do our best to update it regularly but also please bear in mind that we've both been away for a month so e have a lot to catch up on when we get back to our desks!

Speak soon!




Here's a pic I took on the plane.........


bye Perth.jpg