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Ok this is the second time I have written this as for some reason the blog decided to go weird and jump back two pages without me doing anything - honestly, Erika witnessed it!!


Anyway.............. as we (Erika an I were saying) as we have been out of contact/internet access whilst we were in the desert we kept a journal of our adventures and experiences and Erika was the official star photographer of the trip so we have lots of pictures to share with you, which we hope will help our avid followers   get an idea of what it was like living and working in such a remote place.  Actually we have had a rather frustrating afternoon at trying to get this blog post as my laptop is playing up (please can I have a new one IT?) and we are now in an internet cafe near my hotel.  Luckily Erika is proofreading as I type as the computer has a rubbish keyboard and keeps missing out letters (honestly it's not the quality of my typing!).


Ok so now we begin...................  we did more shopping and packing on the Saturday (18th), I wasn't much help as I'd ben out on the Friday night with a very good friend of mine who lives in Perth and so felt a bit tired the next day, which meant I mostly sat around not doing much.  Luckily I don't think the others minded too much - I hope!  Erika, Kath, Geoff and Alex got all the food and equipment packed in the monster truck and we headed back to our respective hotels/homes feeling tired but very excited about leaving the next morning!!  Oh I shouldn't have forgotten but we did have some excitement.  At some point in the afternoon we got a massive chip in the front windscreen of the Prado, we reckon a passing car must have kicked up a stone as the Prado was parked outside Geoff's house and it wasn't there when we first arrived.  So that was a load of faff sorting that out and also bloomin' expensive as it was a Saturday evening callout (after 5pm) so came to ~$350, nice.  We had to get it fixed though as there was no way we could have gone into the desert with a massive chip in the windscreen.  Ok let's give you some of Erika's handywork..............


Denied!!! Images are all too bloomin' large!  Ok I am now getting a bit fed up and so we will post this and see if it works.  We will have another go and I will try and edit the image down to a more acceptable size (even though we thought we had done that............)  Who said technology was supposed to make our lives easier!




Erika and Caroline


Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith

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This blog describes the adventures of NHM staff searching for meteorites in the Nullarbor Desert, Western Australia. Check out the blog to find out what they are up to and to see if they find any meteorites!

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