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Now in Perth......

Posted by Caroline Smith on Sep 13, 2010 10:16:12 AM

So I've arrived in Perth safely after an uneventful flight from Singapore.  Temperature has gone from a humid 32C to quite a fresh 17C, glad I've bought some jumpers!  So.............  I never got my laptop working on the hotel internet in Singapore and the internet in the hotel in Perth is mega expensive so I am sitting in an internet cafe - something I've never done before!


I spoke to Geoff from the Western Australian Museum when I arrived and we'll be meeting up tomorrow to get some paperwork done - it's always refreshing to know that it isn't only the NHM that runs on paperwork and forms and more paperwork and more forms....................


Just like in Singapore I've ben struck already at how expensive things are since I was here last in 2006.  I suppose that is a reflection of the weak(er) pound and inflation.


So I've got six minutes left and I have a few more documents I need to print out etc so I had better go.  Sorry that this blog is a bit dry so far but there's not much to report.  Erica and Marlene from the NHM should be arriving on Weds and also Kath from University of Munster in Germany.  I've got some pictures and will try and think of a way to upload them.


Anyway, if you have any questions or general abuse please feel free to send!!







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