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Searching for meteorites

September 10, 2010

I'm on my way!

Posted by Caroline Smith Sep 10, 2010

Hello Everyone!!


Well here I am in the Studio M Hotel in Singapore, listening to the singers in the bar singing various old songs - they're actually quite good.  Unfortunately my laptop is struggling to connect to the hotel's internet so I will try and sort that out tomorrow.  I'm posting this using one of the hotel's computers.  I will be arriving in Perth on Monday and as soon as I get there it is full steam ahead with preparing for the fieldwork.  I really do think it's a good thing to break the journey in Singapore (or wherever!) as it is a long way to go in one go.  I do want to stress that this couple of days break in Singapore is NOT A SHOPPING BREAK - as certain, nameless colleagues suggested!  I've actually got various documents I need to prepare before I arrive in Perth and also I want to visit the very large (and apparently amazing) science and technology museum here in Singapore but I haven't decided if I will do that tomorrow or Sunday.


Anyway as this is not a particularly exciting post I will stop there.  Hopefully I'll get the laptop working tomorrow and I can upload some piccies etc.





Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith

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This blog describes the adventures of NHM staff searching for meteorites in the Nullarbor Desert, Western Australia. Check out the blog to find out what they are up to and to see if they find any meteorites!

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