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Leaving home

Posted by Erica McAlister Oct 1, 2009

When I first started at the museum I was based in the old Entomology building, full of old cabinets, rooms stuffed full of specimens and hidden corners.

moving desks (8).JPG I was only volunteering or on contract work and so my first 'real' home was in the Origins Gallery, half way along on the bounciest part of the floor (we are on a mezzanine which bounces quite violently at times). So it is with some sadness that I have now nearly packed it all up and am ready for our move to the Darwin Centre on Tuesday.


The amount of dust is ridiculous! All the little presents that I have been given over the last couple of years have now been boxed up and all books, microscopes etc are ready for the movers!moving desks (9).JPG


I have spent the day filing correspondence and incorporating loan material that has been returned, back into the collection. It is good to have a sort out now and again other wise I will end up retiring and there being boxes of material everywhere....

Erica McAlister

Erica McAlister

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I'm Erica McAlister, Curator of Diptera in the Entomology Department. My role involves working in the collection (I have about 30000 species to look after and over a million specimens), sometimes in the lab, and thankfully sometimes in the field.

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