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How does a mathematician fit in with the rocks?

Posted by Lil Stevens on Dec 1, 2010 5:18:25 PM

By Amanda Frigola Boix, University of Bremen


My name is Amanda and I am a mathematician. You’ll be wondering what I am doing here. I am using climate models to reconstruct the ancient climate of the Indonesian region and I will compare model outputs to the data collected by my Throughflow colleagues. How can we do this? They are taking samples of fossils that will allow them to derive different properties of the past water currents and I am here to learn what these techniques are and how they can be used.


Geologists pontificating.JPG
Geologists pontificating

I am enjoying this opportunity to stick my nose into the geology world. Geologists are passionate people to the point that some white marks on a rock (coralline algae ) can make their eyes shine like a child’s, they love photographing pencils to scale objects, not only rocks, they scale anything, even butterflies.





Today we visited two limestone outcrops, one between Teuggarong and Senoni and the second one close to Senoni. The aim of the trip was to get a general overview of the place, think about which team members could be interested in it and whether it would be possible to make a good log of it. To get there we drove through forty kilometres of winding road, through rice fields, mud, palm trees and colourful wooden houses built on the river Mahakam. The outcrops were located in quarries, often family businesses with strong people but with an extremely easy and sincere smile at the same time. Among them an old man, who instantly recognized the Dutch in our group, as he used to deal with then when Indonesia was a Dutch colony.




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