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The scientists have landed!

Posted by Lil Stevens Nov 18, 2010

Hi I’m Bill Wood, originally from Ireland and now based in Royal Holloway University of London. I’m going to be researching high resolution geochemistry of ancient coral reefs here in Indonesia which will help us understand seasonality over long periods of time during the last 15-20 million years.



So… We're all here - after arriving in multiple groups - some from London and Amsterdam, others from Spain and Germany. The visa process is now underway and we're on call to go to the immigration office to finalise the work permits and have photos taken. Yesterday was a national holiday here (Idul Adha) which meant we could have a look around Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta.



Jakarta monument.JPGNathan and Bill.JPG


This is Monas, the Indonesian National Monument in central Jakarta - and me (right) with Nathan Marshall keeping up our electrolytes!


Jakarta has been a new experience for many of us - for me and a few others it is the furthest away from home we've been so far. The stark cultural differences between Europe and Asia have also been a new experience for me. I've been asked to stand with Indonesian people for photographs (as my 194cm height is quite a rarity here!). Jakarta is also a busy city - crossing the road has been tricky at times but we’ve managed to explore the area quite a bit…



Yesterday (Wednesday the 18th of November) a group of us ventured into the city to see some of the sights. After visiting the national monument we went on a tour of the largest mosque in Southeast Asia (also here in Jakarta). We also visited the beach to get a first glimpse of the Java Sea which involved a theme park which turned out to be good fun too!



Shortly we’ll depart for Bandung, Java, for the next part of our visit – a stratigraphy and field skills course based in the Pusat Survei Geologie (Indonesian Geological Survey).