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A bit of a delay...

Posted by Lil Stevens Sep 22, 2010

Well, we waited for our visas and they never came. This sometimes happens on trips involving lots of people from lots of countries trying to do research on the other side of the world. We've delayed our trip until mid-November, giving us a bit more time to prepare - not that we need it of course, but the last few days were going to be quite busy. It also means that we get to go away when it's really cold here and come back just in time for Christmas with tans and tales of high adventure. Or high tales of adventure more likely.


We are doing a Nature Live pre-expedition event on 12th October at 2.30pm in the Attenborough Studio at the museum. We are also running a table at the big event this Friday - Science Uncovered - so you can come and see what sort of specimens we will be collecting and ask us questions about how we do it.


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