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Teruo Ochi & Masahiro Kon, Japan

Posted by Blaps Sep 6, 2011

Ochi & Kon 2011 2.JPG

Teruo Ochi (left) & Masahiro Kon (right), Coleoptera collections


Visiting from: University of Shiga Prefecture, Nr. Kyoto, Japan

Working with: Malcolm Kerley, Curator of Scarabaeoidea, Hitoshi Takano and Max Barclay, Coleoptera Collections Manager

Arrived at the Museum:  8th August 2011
Leaving date: 12th August 2011 
Research interests:
Ochi & Kon are world renowned specialists in the Onthophagus scarabs; Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea; Scarabaeidae; Onthophagus; and publish prolifically on the Scarabaeidae, with particular reference to many species new to science.

The Japanese Society of Scarabaeoidology

Relevant publications:
Ochi, Teruo; Kon, Masahiro; Kawahara, Masakazu (2011). Four new taxa of Scarabaeoidea (Coleoptera) from Southeast Asia. Masamushi. Entomological papers dedicated to Dr. Kimio Masumoto on the occasion of his retirement. [Special Publication of the Japanese Society of Scarabaeoidology No 1.]  Pages: 153-162 

Kon, Masahiro; Ochi, Teruo; Abe, Azuma (2010). New records of Copris (Sinocopris) uenoi and C. (S.) barclayi (Coleoptera,Scarabaeidae) from, Myanmar. Elytra, Volume: 38 Issue: 2  Pages: 296 

Ochi, Teruo; Kon, Masahiro; Tsubaki, Yoshitaka (2009). Notes on the coprophagous scarab-beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) from Southeast Asia (XXI) nine new species and two new subspecies of Onthophagus from the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo. Entomological Review of Japan Volume: 64 Issue: 2 Pages: 217-236