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Beetle visitors

3 Posts tagged with the cleridae tag


Ganyan Yang and Hong-Liang Shi


Visiting from: Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing


Working with: Beulah Garner, Curator Carabidae, Cleroidea


Arrived at the Museum:  15/08/2011


Leaving date: 25/08/2011


Whilst at the museum, Ganyan worked on a revision of the Callimerus group of checkered beetles. This revision is published here and includes NHM specimens.



Research interests:

Ganyan is currently working on a revison of Gastrocentrum, Tillinae, Cleridae. 


Relevant webpages:


Relevant publications:


Yang, GY; Yang, XK. 2013. Revision of the genus Hemitrachys Gorham, with discovery of a second species (Coleoptera: Cleridae: Clerinae). ZOOTAXA  Volume: 3710, Issue: 1, Pages: 72-80


Yang, GY ; Montreuil, O ; Yang, XK. 2013. Taxonomic revision of the genus Callimerus Gorham s. l. (Coleoptera, Cleridae). Part I. latifrons species-group. ZOOKEYS  Issue: 294 


Gerstmeier, R ; Yang, GY; Leavengood, JM. Editor(s): Hartmann, M; Weipert, J. 2012. .Callimerus of the Himalaya (Insecta: Coleoptera: Cleridae: Hydnocerinae). BIODIVERSITAT UND NATURAUSSTATTUNG IM HIMALAYA IV  Pages: 391-398 


Yang, GY; Montreuil, O; Yang, XK. 2011. New species, new records and new morphological characters of the genus Tillicera Spinola from China (Coleoptera, Cleridae, Clerinae). ZOOKEYS. Issue: 122,  Pages: 19-38


Weston Opitz, USA

Posted by Blaps Aug 29, 2011


Weston on the left (optimistically tropical for our British summertime climate!)
Visiting from: Kansas Wesleyan University, Salina, USA
Working with: Beulah Garner, Curator Cleroidea, Max Barclay, Collections Manager, Justin Bartlett, Cleridae of Australia expert
Arrived at the Museum:  8th August 2011
Leaving date: 10th August 2011 onwards to Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris
Research interests: Coleoptera: Cleroidea: Cleridae
About: Weston is Professor of Biology at Kansas Wesleyan University. His research focuses on the classification, natural history and evolution of the world Cleridae and related families within the superfamily Cleroidea.
Goal of research at the Museum: View the world Cleridae collection. Gifted the Museum 53 specimens of Cleridae including 11 species new to our collection! Thanks Weston!
Relevant publications:
Classification, natural history and evolution of the Epiphloeinae (Coleoptera, Cleridae). Part 2, The genera Chaetophloeus Opitz and Plocamocera, Spinola.
Opitz W. (2010) Classification, natural history, phylogeny, and subfamily composition of the Cleridae and generic content of the subfamilies. Entomologica Basiliensia et Collections Frey 32: 31–128.



Justin Bartlett, Australia

Posted by Blaps Aug 19, 2011
Weston Opitz (left) Justin Bartlett (right)
justin bartlett 2011.JPG
Visiting from:
Biosecurity Queensland (DEEDI) Australia
Working with: Beulah Garner, Curator Cleroidea, Max Barclay, Collections Manager, Weston Opitz, World Clerid expert
Arrived at the Museum:  8th August 2011
Leaving date: 11th August 2011
Research interests: Coleoptera: Cleroidea: Cleridae
Goal of research at the Museum: View the Australian Cleridae collection
Relevant publications:
My current projects:
Taxonomy of Australian and New Caledonian clerids including revisions of Australian Opilo and Australasian Orthrius
Excellent Scratchpad: Cleridae of Australia


Flickr photo stream of Cleridae