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I made it to Christchurch with only minor delays. On the way, I had a stop-over in Singapore airport where I had enough time to visit one of the airport terraces with its great garden:







It is spring in Christchurch, and everything is flowering. New Zealand has a lot of native plants. One of my favourite plants is the Cabbage tree.





Traveling to Antarctica

Posted by Anne D Jungblut Oct 26, 2010

I will leave in two days for my trip from London (UK) to Antarctica. I will first fly to New Zealand and then fly down to Antarctica (also called "Ice Flight"). This year I will work with the US Antarctic (USAP) and the New Zealand Antarctic (ANTNZ) Programs. They share some of their logistics and therefore everybody comes first to Christchurch, New Zealand and then flies to Antarctica from there using special aircrafts such as Globemaster or Hercules.