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After a day of busy packing, submitting a request for a helicopter and some sequence data analysis, I went for an evening walk. It was a cloudy day and a little chilly as well. Over summer around 1,000 people are at McMurdo station and therefore you can find a little bit of everything that you would also find in any small town or village around the world.



Scott's Discovery Hut and McMurdo Station.



Cary labs, where a lot of the science is happening.


McMurdo shop.


One of the aims of the field event is to collect cyanobacteria from locations where the scientists of Scott’s and Shakleton’s expeditions collected material 100-years ago and compare them with the historic samples. We will sample cyanobacterial mats on Ross Island and the McMurdo Ice Shelf.

Cyanobacterial samples were collected during the three expedition:


1) The National Antarctic Expedition (1901-04; Discovery Expedition) led by R.F. Scott


2) The British Antarctic Expedition (1907-1909; Nimrod) led by E.H. Shackleton


3) The British Antarctic Expedition (1910-1913; Terra Nova) led by R.F. Scott


                                        Hut Point in front of McMurdo Station with the Discovery Expedition hut


                                                                           Discovery Hut


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Anne D Jungblut

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I'm Anne Jungblut from the Botany Department. Join me as I head to Antarctica to study cyanobacterial diversity in ice-covered lakes of the Dry Valleys and Ross Island where already scientists on Scott's and Shakleton's expeditions made many discoveries.

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