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I arrived on the 1st of January in Christchurch. The flight was pleasant and  involved a lot of eating, sleeping and watching movies. When I arrived in Auckland it was raining but the sun was shining in Christchurch.


                                                                                     Auckland Airport



                                                   Flying of the Southern Alps and Canterbury Plains, South Island



It was nice to suddently be  in the middle of summer. I went for a stroll and did some last shopping for the field trip including some extra chocolate, tea and coffee. People are really into gardening in Christchurch and everywhere you find beautiful gardens.


                                                                           Summer in Christchurch





                                                               ArrivalCHCH2.jpg                                                                                                                                                        ArrivalCHCH3.jpg

Unfortunately, I got little sleep in my first night in Christchurch because there were quite a few earthquakes overnight. The biggest one was at 5.45 am with a strength of 5.5. Luckily, I am staying with somebody from our team and her house did not have any damage throughtout the last year. This is reassuring and I am slowly getting used to the rumbling. I am staying in a part of Christchurch which had little damage of the last year in comparison to many other parts of town.

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Anne D Jungblut

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I'm Anne Jungblut from the Botany Department. Join me as I head to Antarctica to study cyanobacterial diversity in ice-covered lakes of the Dry Valleys and Ross Island where already scientists on Scott's and Shakleton's expeditions made many discoveries.

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