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After one week at Lake Joyce it was time to pack and move our entire camp to Lake Vanda. Although i only stayed one week at Lake Joyce the rest of the team had spend close to a month there. It took two days to pack and four days to move all of the team and the equipment to Lake Vanda. This was also partly due to strong winds, which stopped the helicopter traffic.


Packing  Lake Joyce  camp



Lake Vanda is also an ice-covered lake of the Dry Valleys and located in the Wright Valley. In order to get there we flow over the Asgard Range with amazing views over glaciers and mountain peaks.


Asgard Range




Lake Vanda, Wright Valley




Lake Joyce camp

Posted by Anne D Jungblut Dec 9, 2010

Our camp at Lake Joyce is only a few minutes walk from the lake. It is a fairly big camp with a large kitchen tent and a tech-tent, where we stored all our fragile electronic equipment.  The kitchen tent was  heated which makes it very cosy to hang out in the evening. We usually took turns with the cooking.  Even though we only have a small kitchen , we had everything ranging from Thai and Indian Curries to Burgers and Pasta for dinner.


Lake Joyce camp



Kitchen tent


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Anne D Jungblut

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I'm Anne Jungblut from the Botany Department. Join me as I head to Antarctica to study cyanobacterial diversity in ice-covered lakes of the Dry Valleys and Ross Island where already scientists on Scott's and Shakleton's expeditions made many discoveries.

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