Cereus stenogonus is an arborescent cactus that grows to 8m tall. It has a short trunk and narrow crown with few branches.

The branches are:

  • long
  • erect
  • thick
  • greyish-green
  • 4–5 laterally flattened spiny ribs

The bark is:

  • smooth or finely fissured
  • spineless
  • grey-brown

The leaves are absent, instead there are 2–5 short spines per areole (whitish knots from which the spines protrude).

The plant has solitary flowers in January and February that:

  • are up to 22cm
  • grow from the ribs
  • are funnel-shaped
  • have a reddish calyx
  • have a long and narrow corolla tube
  • have numerous white petals and stamens

The fruit is an elliptical berry 10cm long, orange-reddish when mature, with the long persistent style and white-pinkish flesh. They contain numerous small dark seeds.

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