Bulinus globosus

Bulinus globosus is common freshwater snail found across much of Africa south of the Sahara and some Indian Ocean islands.

Bulinus globosus is an important intermediate host for the trematode parasite Schistosoma haematobium which is responsible for the disease urinary schistosomiasis in sub-Saharan Africa.

Species detail

  • Bulinus globosus

    The shell of Bulinus globosus is sinistral with a spire and a shell size of 22.5 x 14mm. Find out more about the distinguishing characteristics of Bulinus globosus.

  • Bengo valley
    Distribution and habitat

    Discover the areas of the world that Bulinus globosus is known from and the types of habitat it is found in.

  • Schistosoma haematobium egg

    Find out about the role Bulinus globosus plays as a host of several parasitic species.

  • Bulinus glboosus

    Learn about the reproductive processes of this species.