Anopheles janconnae

Mosquitos are well known as the insect responsible for passing malaria to humans. While there are thousands of species of mosquito, only certain species of the Anopheles group transmit human malaria - which species depends on the region and the environment.

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Anopheles janconnae is of special interest because it is a vector of malaria in Roraima, Brazil.

It is so similar to certain other mosquitos that genetics must be used to distinguish between the species, rather than just morphology.

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The mosquito Anopheles janconnae

The mosquito Anopheles janconnae is responsible for transmitting malaria in Roraima, Brazil.

Anopheles janconnae - larval setae

Anopheles janconnae - larval setae

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Any living organism that can transmit an infectious agent from one host to another. In the case of malaria the infectious agent is a Plasmodium parasite.