Telenomus dignus is approximately 1mm long. 

The species is a solitary, primary endoparasitoid in the eggs of Lepidoptera associated with 

  • graminaceous crops 
  • rice (Oryza sativa
  • sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)

Recorded hosts of T. dignus are mainly 

  • stem borers in the crambid genera 
    • Chilo 
    • Scirpophaga (=Schoenobius, Tryporyza)
  • armyworm Spodoptera litura

What many of the recorded hosts of T. dignus have in common is that the eggs are covered by a protective layer of scales deposited by the female moth during oviposition.

Ovipositing female T. dignus may be attracted to egg masses with such a scale covering. Alternatively, it is possible that an egg mass of Spodoptera litura was mistaken for that of a Scirpophaga species (compare the following images:

Females probably mark each egg after oviposition as with most Telenomus species, and fecundity is likely to be variable under different conditions and between individuals (Polaszek & K., 2007).