First found in Algeria in the 1950s, P. persimilis is thought to be native to the Mediterranean region.

Due to its success in controlling spider mites, it has been introduced to many countries around the world, in some instances becoming established in the local fauna.

Records come from some 26 countries in the following zoogeographical regions

  • Afrotropical
  • Australasian
  • Nearctic
  • Neotropical¬†
  • Palaearctic

 (Athias-Henriot, 1957; Takahashi and Chant, 1993a; Moraes et al., 2004)  



There is no indication that the use of this species to control spider mites is decreasing. The level of stability of populations in natural habitats is not known.

Risk Statement

No recorded detrimental impact of introduction and use.