Diagnostic description
  • Stem pentagonal to circular with rounded interradii
  • Symplectical areolae that are narrow elliptical to pyriform, widest at outer end, bordered by numerous small crenulae with highly rugose radial areas
  • Cirri are weakly compressed with a rounded rhomboidal section
  • Radials barely in contact or separated by basals
  • Arms robust.Aboral ligament fossa of proximal brachials indistinctly L-shaped
  • Syzsygies always absent
  • Proximal pinnules incorporated in tegmen
  • Seirocrinus with 7 secundibranchs, 4-11 inner tertibranchs, 13-17 outer tertibranchs and 11-19 post palmers

(After Simms 1989)