Proisocrinus ruberrimus has a fan-like crown of arms supported by a stalk.

In adults:

  • crown length is 11-17cm
  • stalk length is 65-84cm


Proisocrinus ruberrimus

  • grows continuously throughout its lifetime
  • possesses the ability to re-grow its arms and even the entire stalk

Life expectancy

Proisocrinus ruberrimus probably lives for several years. Some crinoids are thought to live for over 10 years.


Dispersal is via a zooplanktonic larval stage. It is possible that adults are also capable of limited mobility.

  • Reproduction and lifecycle

    Proisocrinus ruberrimus occurs as both male and female individuals. Learn how and when reproduction takes place and about the various developmental stages of this stalked crinoid.