Appearance of Milichia patrizii flies:

  • Small, 3mm long 
  • Mainly brown head and thorax
  • Silvery abdomen in males
  • 2 wings, each with a characteristic black flap at the anterior margin

Diagnostic description

  • Frons brown microtomentose except for grey microtomentose anterolateral corner
  • Basoflagellomere with ventral angle
  • Palpus and proboscis specialised
  • Wing with a black flap at subcostal break
  • Hind tibia with sharp anterodorsal ridge
  • Male tergite 2-5 silvery microtomentose except for anterior margin of tergite 2


Milichia patrizii belongs to the freeloader flies (Diptera: Milichiidae) and is part of  the myrmecophila-group of the genus Milichia (Brake 1999) which is characterised by:

  • a black flap at the subcostal break of the wing
  • a hind tibia with a sharp anterodorsal ridge
  • a posterior scutellar seta which is directed upwards

Milichia is the oldest genus name in the family and therefore gave rise to the family name - Milichiidae.