Meconema meridionale was first described by A Costa in 1860. The cricket has:

  • a pale green body with a yellow dorsal stripe from the head to the tip of abdomen
  • a pair of brown marks on back of the pronotum
  • the male has long cerci
  • adults of both sexes are brachypterous and hence flightless


  • total body length - male: 11–13mm, female: 11.5–16mm
  • fore wing length - male 1.5–2mm, female 1.2–2mm
  • male cerci - 4mm
  • ovipositor - 7.5–8mm


As young nymphs, the southern oak bush-cricket is indistinguishable from its close relative the fully winged oak bush-cricket, Meconema thalassinum (De Geer).

Meconema thalassinum is a widely distributed European species and is common in the British Isles south of a line drawn between the Dee and Humber estuaries.

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