Typically, the barnacle is found in the lower eulittoral zone on wave-swept rocky shores

It is often found alongsideanother sessile barnacle Tetraclita squamosa.

C. mitella often occur in small clumps, particularly protruding from crevices on otherwise smooth rocky surfaces. It can also be found on man-made structures (such as piers in Hong Kong harbour) when the local current flow is strong.

Occasionally in Hong Kong, the 'primitive' stalked barnacle Ibla cumingi may be found on or next to C. mitella.

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An animal that has reproductive organs of both males and females of the species, and can act as ‘male’ or ‘female’ in the reproductive process.


First stage larvae of crustaceans.


Tiny water dwelling plants.

Lower eulittoral zone

An area of shoreline that ranges from the high water mark to areas that are permanently submerged.


Permanently attached and not free to move.