Capitulum mitella

Capitulum mitella is a stalked barnacle that appears like protruding teeth in crevices low on wave-swept rocky shores throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

Species detail

The stalked barnacle is eaten as a seafood delicacy in Japan and China. Read on to get a flavour of the barnacle’s lifestyle.

  • Capitulum mitella

    Learn about the form and structure of Capitulum mitellum.

  • Capitulum mitella on a rocky shore

    This stalked barnacle favours fast flowing water on rocky shores where it feeds off passing zooplankton.

  • Capitulum mitella
    Reproduction and life history

    Find out about this hermaphrodite’s reproductive cycle.

  • Capitulum mitella

    Capitulum mitella is a suspension feeder of zooplankton. Find out more about the behaviour and feeding patterns of this species.

  • Capitulum mitella

    Find out what species Capitulum mitella has associations with and how it benefits from these associations.


Capitulum mitella

Capitulum mitella

Capitulum mitella

The appearance of Capitulum mitella on a rocky shore is reminiscent of protruding teeth.

Capitulum mitella

Capitulum mitella often occur in small clumps, particularly protruding from crevices on otherwise smooth rocky surfaces.

Capitulum mitella

Capitulum mitella

Capitulum mitella

Capitulum mitella

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Sam Luoma and Phil Rainbow in Restronguet Creek
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An animal that has reproductive organs of both males and females of the species, and can act as ‘male’ or ‘female’ in the reproductive process.


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Lower eulittoral zone

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