Close relatives

In addition to Agalma elegans, there are 2 other species in the genus Agalma

  • Agalma okeni
  • Agalma clausi
Distinguishing these close relatives:
Upper view of an Agalma elegans bract

Upper view of an Agalma elegans bract.

A. elegans has a flexible body and the bracts are soft and not prismatic.

In comparison:

  • both the other species have stiff stems
  • Agalma okeni:
    • is shorter than A. elegans
    • has prismatic bells and bracts
    • prefers warmer waters and is not found around the UK
  • Agalma clausi:
    • has prominent red pigment spots on the bracts, prismatic bells and an involucrum which encloses both the cnidoband and terminal filaments (plus ampulla)
    • is a much less common species, so far collected only in the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Maine and at 1 location in the tropical western Atlantic