17.5-20cm; 46-61g


Laying in Feb-Aug in W. Columbia.

Nest a substantial cup, almost entirely of moss, lined with black rootlets, placed 1-2 m above ground in bush or small tree.

Clutch 2 eggs (Snow 2004). An adult female, nest and two eggs, collected by Thomas Knight Salmon (1841-1879) and linked by collector number (no. 43) of P. r. riefferii (Boissonneau, 1840) are in the Natural History Museum (NHM).  These specimens were collected in Santa Elena, 8 km east of Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia (06°15’N, 75°35’W) and included in the collector’s final consignment in September 1878 (Salaman et al 2009; Sclater & Salvin 1879).

Skin Ad♀ BMNH 1888.1.20.758; Nest BMNH N/ 56.33 (nest diameter = 102.7mm, cup diameter = 68.5mm, cup depth= 35.1mm, nest depth = 62.9mm, dry weight= 17.59g); Eggs BMNH E/ SG 2818-2819 (length=26.4mm x width 20.4mm -some doubt over the designation as clutch / identity).