Distribution and habitat


Eastern Queensland, Australia.


This rhinoceros cockroach is found in a variety of habitats, ranging from dry Eucalyptus woodland, to Acacia scrub and, occasionally, rainforest.

All of the places it lives in have one thing in common – compacted sandy soils, which this species needs in order to dig the lives burrows in which it spends much of its time.

This rhinoceros cockroach lives in permanent burrows, which it digs using its spade-like forelegs. These burrows commonly meander just below the soil surface for up to 1m (3.28ft) before sloping steeply downwards. The burrows are usually about 40cm (15.75in) deep and as they descend they widen, before narrowing again near their end.


This species can be common where it occurs. It is not known to be threatened.