Sorolopha bruneiregalis

Sorolopha bruneiregalis is a moth from Brunei, first discovered and described by Museum scientists in 1994.

Sorolopha bruneiregalis is probably the only moth in the world named after an airline. Sorolopha bruneiregalis was named after Royal Brunei Airlines in recognition of their corporate sponsorship of 

  • the UBD/RGS Brunei Rainforest Project 1991-92 
  • the Natural History Museum’s Biodiversity Division in South East Asia.

The moth was featured in the March/April 1995 edition of Royal Brunei Airlines’ in flight magazine, Muhibah.

Sorolopha bruneiregalis also appears in Mark Isaak’s website, Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature because of its unusual name.

Species detail

The distinguishing feature of  Sorolopha bruneiregalis is the strikingly bold black and white pattern of its fore wings.

The fore wings of other species of Sorolopha are generally a shade of green. 

  • Sorolopha bruneiregalis

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  • Sorolopha bruneiregalis

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  • Sorolopha bruneirgalis

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Sorolopha bruneirgalis

Sorolopha bruneirgalis a moth from Brunei, named after Royal Brunei Airlines.

Sorolopha bruneirgalis

A close up of the lower wing of Sorolopha bruneirgalis.

Sorolopha bruneirgalis

A fore wing of Sorolopha bruneirgalis showing the strikingly bold black and white pattern.


Kevin Tuck

Curator of Lepidoptera, Department of Entomology.

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  • Tuck, K. R. & Robinson, G. S., 1994, A new species of Sorolopha (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae: Olethreutinae) from Borneo and Sulawesi. Tinea, Tokyo 14: 65-68.