Solanum sanchez-vegae

Solanum sanchez-vegae is  is a member of the same group of plants as the European woody nightshade, from Peru.

The species was only recently found in the cloud forests of northern Peru and described by Museum scientists and their Peruvian collaborators.

This species was named in honor of the Peruvian botanist Don Isidoro Sanchez-Vega from Cajamarca, whose comprehensive in-depth knowledge of the flora of northern Peru was kindly and generously shared with all who crossed his path.

Species detail

Solanum sanchez-vegae plants are usually vines or vining shrubs that climb with the leaf stalks (petioles). The leaves are often of varying shapes; those of S. sanchez-vegae are always unlobed as far as we know. The flowers of S. sanchez-vegae are very large for this group, they can be 2-3cm in diameter and are very showy

  • Solanum sanchez-vegae

    Learn about the form and structure of Solanum sanchez-vegae and find out where to get a diagnostic description of the species.

  • Solanum sanchez-vegae
    Distribution and conservation

    Discover where in Peru Solanum sanchez-vegae is found and the type of habitat in which it grows.

  • Solanum sanchez-vegae

    Find out more about what is known of the biology of Solanum sanchez-vegae.

About the author

Sandy Knapp
Dr Sandra Knapp

Merit researcher in botany, focussing on the taxonomy of the nightshade family Solanaceae.

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Knapp, S. (2010) Four new vining species of Solanum (Dulcamaroid clade) from montane habitats in tropical America. PLoS ONE

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