Distribution, habitat and conservation

Map showing the distribution of the scolopendrid centipede Scolopendropsis in Brazil

Distribution of the scolopendrid centipede Scolopendropsis in Brazil. Squares are records of the more widespread species Scolopendropsis bahiensis, and the dot is the single known record of Scolopendropsis duplicata


Brazil, Tocantins State.

Only known from its type locality, 10.0589°S 48.412°W.


Restricted to dry, xeric, 'cerrado' vegetation. 


Not listed, but known only from a single locality, a site that has been flooded for a hydroelectric power plant since specimens were collected in 2000-2001. 

Vegetation around the lake is the same as that at the now submerged type locality. An expedition in June 2007 failed to discover any specimens of S. duplicata, even though a forest patch 500m away from the type locality was sampled.