Phyllonoma ruscifolia was collected as part of a Museum lead project funded by Defra to support the conservation of this area.

3,000 species of plants were collected during exploration of the park. 200 of the species were designated keystone species because of their contribution to their environment. P. ruscifolia is a designated keystone species.

The conservation status of Phyllonoma ruscifolia in Panama and Costa Rica was assessed by

  • calculating the area of suitable habitat for Phyllonoma ruscifolia - 8,203 km2.
  • assessing 27% of this had been lost to agriculture or logging.
  • determining the proportion of the remaining area in a protected zone (safe for the foreseeable future).
  • finding that 43% of the remaining fell Phyllonoma ruscifolia within a protected area.

The conservation assessment established that, according to IUCN criteria, Phyllonoma ruscifolia is Near Threatened.