Nannocharax signifer is the 29th species of Nannocharax, African darter fish to be discovered.

General features

Nannocharax signifer is distinguished from all other Nannocharax species in West Africa by the red-orange colouration of the anterior part of its dorsal fin.

The combination of the following characters also allows Nannocharax signifer  to be distinguished from other Nannocharax species

  • no continuous black band along the flank
  • multiple x-shaped body colour pattern extending on the lower half of the flank
  •  presence of a large, dark, rounded spot from the posterior portion of the caudal peduncle to the basal portions of the middle caudal-fin rays
  • 46-48 (usually 47) lateral line scales
  • 4-5 scales between anus and origin of anal fin


The Latin word signifer means 

  • ‘colour sergeant’ 
  • ‘standard bearer’ 

and refers to the unusual red-orange colour on the dorsal fin.