Dendrobaena attemsi

Dendrobaena attemsi is an earthworm species commonly found in southern Europe that has occasionally been spotted in woodlands in southern England.

It lives in the top layers of the soil feeding on dead organic matter.

Its cocoons seem better able to resist dry conditions than those of some of our native earthworm species.

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  • Dendrobaena attemsi habitat
    Distribution and conservation

    Dendrobaena attemsi is common in southern Europe, but only rarely found in the UK. Discover where you might see it.

  • Dendrobaena attemsi

    Find out about the reproductive cycle of this worm and how it has adapted to dry soil conditions.


Dendrobaena attemsi

Dendrobaena attemsi.

Dendrobaena attemsi

Dendrobaena attemsi.

Dendrobaena attemsi habitat

Dendrobaena attemsi habitat.


About the author

Emma Sherlock
Ms Emma Sherlock

Curator in the Invertebrates Curation Team, responsible for the Annelida, Minor Phyla and Porifera collections.

A word from the author

"This is a species I come across a lot when identifying the worms in the New Forest, and yet very rarely see elsewhere. It looks very distinctive when preserved in alcohol. It’s a worm I always look out for now, especially as it seems it may do better in the UK with the drier conditions that could be ahead of us."

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