Grassland of southern France

The grassland of La Crau (Réserve Naturelle Coussouls de Crau, southern France), a typical habitat for Endocarpon pusillum. © A Wolff - CEEP

Although sometimes locally abundant, this species is restricted to specific habitats and is therefore rarely abundant at a broader scale.

In the United Kingdom, Endocarpon pusillum is recorded as probably extinct.

The decline of Endocarpon pusillum populations is probably the result of habitat loss.


Endocarpon pusillum is generally found in grasslands and benefits from grazing by farm animals.

The animals keep the grass short and expose newly bare soils that create suitable habitats for this species.

Unfortunately, traditional agricultural practices - such as seasonal movement of livestock between mountain and lowland pastures - are no longer used and have led to the loss of these favourable habitats and the decline of the species.

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