Convolvulus vidalii is a deep-rooted perennial herb with trailing stems.

The youngest leaves and those on the long trailing stems are usually triangular with deeply incised margins.

The older leaves and those near the centre of the plant are typically oblong or kidney-shaped with wavy margins

The corolla has pink margins, a yellow-white base and 5 purple-black marks around the white throat.

The fruit is a dry capsule and plants produce copious numbers of capsules each containing four seeds.

Diagnostic description

The corolla colour and pattern of C. vidalii are very distinctive and readily distinguish it from its close relatives (C. pitardii, C. leucochnous and C. glaourum) that all have pale pink corollas, somewhat darkened in the throat, with a white centre. 

The calyx and corolla in Convolvulus vidalii are also smaller than in other members of the group.


Convolvulus vidalii, together with C. pitardii, C. leucochnous and C. glaourum, form a distinct group of species that have evolved in Morocco. All have restricted distributions.

Molecular data confirm that the complex is closely related to C. althaeoides, a widespread Mediterranean weed species (Carine et al, 2004).